Any educator (working as a teacher, professor, dean, principal etc.) associated with any recognized academia can register on Farak. Usually registration confirmation is instant but at times it may take us upto 48 hours to verify and register its members. In the current phase of Farak, most of the projects may be more suitable for Higher Education Educators very less projects up for grabs for K-12 teachers. Nevertheless, we shall keep our K-12 teacher members informed about any new relevant projects uploaded.
Currently there are NO registration charges for Educators as well as Industry Members.
We have been adding various offerings for educators! We started with Industry Projects, where educators get to apply for industry projects uploaded by Industry members. Now Try Out ICT offers trial versions of various ICT tools used in academic research and teaching. Educators now can also connect with the industry members and involve them in the institution in some capacity. Webinars & Workshops lists training programs organized for the members of Farak. Members also get to Purchase ICT at very special discounts rates. We also bring services like MOOC and Content Development through SSK Busilink for Farak members.
A working professional, industry consultant or a freelancer – all having industry insights to share, industry projects to offer, willingness to contribute to academia through active participation – can become Industry Member. He / she can directly register as Industry member, unlike Academia Members where institution registration is necessary.
Outsourcing your work assignments in the form of projects is one of main offerings for Industry Members. Such projects vary with every function and industry. At the same time, they can be from any industry. Outsourcing to academia gives time and cost benefits to Industry Members, a much required gain for any enterprise. Besides, Industry members get to participate in the academic activities as Expert, Consultant or Guest Faculty. One can also search for Educator Trainers who can train your staff at your office, especially on concepts and theory of the subject matter. Many Academic Institutions organize management development programs for the industry professionals. Farak brings such programs to Industry Members as one of its offerings too.
Here are some of the projects as examples – Material testing in laboratories | Research trials and lab experimentation | Mobile Application or Software Testing | Market Study | Competitive Study | Field Work for data capture | Data Analysis of existing databases | Study Projects | Test Marketing | Strategy Formulation | System requirement study | Research work | Questionnaire preparation | Vendor evaluation and selection | Policy Formulation – HR, Operations, Vendor Management | Study and analysis of business processes | Software Application Development | Requirement Analysis – and many other.
Industry Member reviews all the applicants – profile, experience, relevance. All shortlisted applicants get the notification of the next step – meeting, telephonic discussion, email communication – directly. Project is awarded to one or more applicants. Industry member updates the project allocation and completion status on Farak, so does Educator Member.
Once project is uploaded, Farak.net makes sure the terms and conditions mentioned in the project are updated by communicating with the industry member. We also make sure that industry member gets relevant applications and at times, if required, notify relevant educators to apply. We make sure that terms of project – timeline, working style, deliverable, charges if any – are confirmed and communicated to both parties – through email and conference call. Farak.net member also attends review meetings online to make sure that projects are executed as planned.
Farak wants to make this platform to proliferate industry academia interface for a cause to enhance the overall teaching and learning. Authenticity and trust are important factors to make such initiatives meaningful. Hence we take all efforts to make sure that all profiles are verified and validated.
You will receive email from the industry member directly (or a phone call if you have mentioned your contact details) as well as a notification in My Projects about the shortlisting. Usually the time required for industry members to shortlist varies with the nature and size of the project. It may be anywhere from 1 week to 1 month.
Yes and no! It all depends upon if and how much funds Industry Member has allotted to the project. Farak does not get involved in any monetary transaction. This question will be best answered by the Industry Member who awards the project to suitable Educator Members! Usually, every project description will have an indication of budget allocation.
Farak.net does NOT charge any fees for any paid or unpaid project. Farak.net does not get involved in any monetary transaction, which happens only between an educator and an industry member.
We take care of this change in membership with cooperation from the member and his / her old as well as new employer institutions. Kindly write to us at member@farak.net with this request.
Farak means Difference in Marathi, a popular Indian language. We have envisioned to bring positive difference to the teaching through our initiatives and hence the name.
Farak aims to bring positive difference to teaching at large. This very positive approach is indicated by the plus sign in its logo. There are a few more initiatives in the offing that will contribute further to the cause of effecting positive difference to teaching.
Points are called Foints on Farak.net! Members earn Foints for specific actions taken –Apply, Win, Complete projects or Try Out ICT tools or Connect with Industry Members etc. Foints are also allotted based on the reviews and feedback from the industry members whose projects you might have worked on. Here’s a quick snapshot of Foints you can earn on Farak –
For Educator Member Foints you earn
100% Profile Completion2
Projects applied for1Per Project
Projects Won3Per Project
Projects Completed4Per Project
RatingOn scale of 5, given by industry member
Try Out ICT5Per Registration
Webinars & Workshops2Per Registration

For Industry Member Foints you earn
Projects Uploaded2Per Project
Projects Allotted3Per Project
Projects Completed4Per Project
RatingOn scale of 5, given by educator member
Participate in Academia5Once registered
Foints indicate your (both – educator and industry member) – Activities, Quality of Profile, Credibility, Relevance – that are the most important virtues we crave for to succeed in any endeavor. Besides, both members will soon get to redeem Foints against a training program, subscriptions or purchases etc.
ABEED (Association for Business Education & Entrepreneurship Development) has promoted Farak.net. ABEED comprises of academicians and industry professionals having years of professional experience at the cusp of academia and corporate. Such a unique bunch of folks decided to further the cause of industry academia interface and up-skilling of educators. ABEED found it to be aligned with its mission and hence decided to launch Farak.net in the form what we see today.
We suggest to check our Privacy Policy and Terms & Conditions that govern data privacy and members’ association with Farak.net. In any way, we do not share or intend to share member-data under any circumstances as mentioned in Policy and Terms.