About us

Welcome to Farak
Farak means ‘difference’, a positive one that we strive to bring to teaching. Our aim is to make education - from school to higher education - more relevant. And how do we attempt to do it - by forging meaningful association between academia and industry and by inspiring educators to innovate in teaching through experiments and technology.
Farak is conceived by a group comprising of educators, industry professionals and policy makers together. The platform is meant for both an educator and an industry professional.

An educator gets opportunities to -

Work on industry assignments | Be a trainer to industry | Seek industry help in academia | Try out new technologies | Share teaching content with other educators

An industry professional too gets to -

Outsource to academia | Nurture and hire talent | Contribute to academia | Co-create products

Come, be a part of Farak, to effect a change that we always wished to see in the system!

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